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What is Strahl® beverageware made from?

Strahl® beverageware is manufactured from the highest quality polycarbonate, enabling us to provide products with pristine clarity and outstanding durability.

Is there a guarantee?

Innova Products Limited guarantees it’s Strahl® beverageware products will be free from defect or damage due to faulty or defective materials, workmanship or manufacturing. This guarantee does not extend to fair wear and tear or damage caused by misuse or mishandling. If your purchase is unsatisfactory due to faulty or defective materials, workmanship or manufacturing, please return the product with the original proof of purchase to the supplier where the product was first purchased from, it will be replaced free of charge.
Polycarbonate may be scratched or damaged if cleaned with abrasive brushes or washed with harsh chemicals. Such damage is not covered by this guarantee. Washing Strahl® beverageware products in a dishwasher or by hand with warm soapy water is recommended.

Polycarbonate products may be scratched if stacked together and such damage is not covered by this guarantee.

The new Strahl® CapellaStack beverageware range has been designed specifically to stack together without scratching.

The Strahl® ‘Da Vinci’ range of beverageware has a threaded joint that should not be unscrewed. Breakage at the point of the joint is not covered by this guarantee.

How do I care for my Strahl® beverageware?

Strahl® beverageware is made from an incredibly strong product called polycarbonate. Polycarbonate has some unique properties and requires slightly different handling to standard glassware. Follow these simple rules to ensure your Strahl® beverageware remains crystal clear.

Avoid stacking your Strahl® beverageware (unless you are using the CapellaStack range, which is designed for stacking) whilst carrying or storing it. Polycarbonate products are incredibly tough so will scratch other polycarbonate products if allowed to rub together.

Wash your Strahl® beverageware in the dishwasher or by hand with warm soapy water to remove residues from juice, milk, stout, etc. Washing in a steriliser may result in a build up of residue.

Polycarbonate may be scratched if cleaned with abrasive brushes. Buffing with a microfiber glass polishing cloth will minimize any light scratches or abrasions.

The Strahl® ‘Da Vinci’ range of beverageware has a threaded joint that should not be unscrewed.

Can Strahl® be cleaned safely in a dishwasher?

Yes – Strahl® is completely dishwasher safe in both standard and commercial dishwasher systems, on low or high temperatures. Strahl® beverageware products have been tested in a STARLINE GM High performance glass washer for 2000 wash cycles.

Test details:

Klenzmatic KM1 Glasswasher detergent

Wash temperature 65 °celsius (149 °fahrenheit)

Rinse temperature 80 °celsius (176 °fahrenheit)

Wash cycle time 45 seconds

Rinse cycle time 15 seconds


After 2000 wash cycles, Strahl® beverageware products showed minimal micro scratches, not visible under normal usage conditions.

What can I serve in my Strahl® beverageware?

The unique properties of Strahl® beverageware allow cold drinks and desserts to be served and remain at the cold serving temperature for much longer than drinks served in glass or ceramic.

Please be aware that the following aniseed based drinks cannot be used with any kind of polycarbonate beverageware as they will cause permanent damage: Pernod, Anis, Ricard, Raki, Ouzo. Milky drinks may leave a residue if the beverageware is not washed with warm soapy water.

Can Strahl® beverageware products be chilled in the fridge and freezer?

All Strahl® beverageware products can be chilled in the fridge or freezer, with superior insulation properties keeping beverages at optimal drinking temperature for longer. Perfect for desserts and frozen drinks.

Is Strahl® beverageware FDA compliant?

Yes – for all food contact surfaces, materials comply with FDA 21 CFE 177.1520 (olefin polymers) including cc 3.1 for food contact application (polyethylene), 21 CFR 178.1580 (polycarbonate polymers) for food contact applications at up to 100°C.

Should I be concerned about BPA in Strahl® beverageware?

Strahl® beverageware is recommended for use with cold drinks and foods. If you would like to use it for hot drinks or in the microwave please firstly refer to the testing information below:

Strahl® products have been tested by an independent laboratory, SGS, to measure the level of soluble BPA in tests designed to simulate everyday use. In these tests, conducted on 11th March, 2009, SGS subjected Strahl® beverageware tumblers to temperatures of 70 degrees C for two hours and to heating in a microwave for five minutes. They concluded:

‘the test results of submitted samples do not exceed the specific migration limit of Bisphenol A (BPA) stated in European Commission Directive 2002/72/EC relating to plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with acidic foodstuffs”.

We are confident from these test results that BPA does not migrate from our Strahl® beverageware products at a level which could cause any health concerns.

I have scratches on my Strahl® beverageware products. What can I do?

Some scratching of your Strahl® beverageware is inevitable and is often proof of how many times traditional glassware would have broken. Minor scratches can be removed by buffing with a microfiber glass polishing cloth.

How do I remove the sticky label adhesive?

The best process is to remove the bulk of the label and then use the adhesive on the label to remove the remaining adhesive by dabbing on the affected area.

How do I dispose of my Strahl® beverageware when I cannot use it any more?

All Strahl® beverageware products are made from fully recyclable polycarbonate.


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